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Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of going to the dentist cause anxiety? Sedation dentistry is a way for you to relax while you have your dental work completed. There are different kinds of sedation dentistry and not all dentists are able to perform it. But rest assured, Moore Family Dentistry provides sedation dentistry!

Different Kinds of Sedation Dentistry

Not all sedation dentistry puts you to sleep. There are four different levels of sedation. Each depends on the type of treatment you need and the level of your anxiety.

  • Inhaled Sedation (nitrous oxide)
  • Oral Sedation (Conscious)
  • IV Sedation (conscious)
  • Deep Sedation (general)

IV Sedation works faster than oral or inhaled sedation, simply because it is administered intravenously. With nitrous oxide sedation, you may fall asleep. Oral sedation usually allows the patient to be conscious during the procedure, but relaxed enough to tolerate all that the dentist needs to do. The effects of the nitrous oxide wear off very quickly. It can take a couple hours for the effects of IV sedation to completely wear off.

Woman with her sedation dentists in Henderson, NV

Who is sedation dentistry best for?

Sedation dentistry is an excellent choice for many patients who suffer from dental anxiety. But even if you don't have dental anxiety, Sedation Dentistry could be suitable for you! In general, the more extensive the treatment, the more likely it is that sedation dentistry will be recommended. Here are some additional reasons you may need sedation dentistry: 

  • Sensitive Gag Reflex
  • Difficulty Sitting Still
  • Low Threshold for Pain
  • Sensitive Teeth
  • Children with Developmental Challenges
  • If you're having a lot of dental work done

Check with your insurance to see if sedation dentistry is available to you!